Accounting and payrolls

Accounting and payrolls

Single and double entry accounting

  • processing of accounting records both for business people and entities founded for other than business purposes (civic societies, foundations, associations, etc.)
  • preparation of ordinary and extraordinary financial statements
  • checking correctness and completeness of tax documents and giving warnings about possible deficiencies along with proposed solutions
  • processing of monthly/quarterly VAT returns
  • processing of VAT control reports
  • processing of VAT recapitulative statements
  • processing of Intrastat reports
  • processing of various statistical statements and reports (e.g. for the National Bank of Slovakia, Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, etc.)
  • continuous checking of accounting records in terms of compliance with accounting regulations
  • methodological assistance at bookkeeping, preparation of internal guidelines
  • assistance and consultancy at booking rare transactions

Payroll and personnel agenda

  • processing of monthly wages of individual employees
  • applications for admission to/cancellation from the Social Insurance Agency and health insurance companies, communication with insurance companies
  • processing of monthly statements of insurance premiums for the Social Insurance Agency and health insurance companies
  • processing of prescribed income tax overviews and reports for the tax administrator
  • processing of annual settlement of tax on earnings from employment and employment-like activities
  • checking the correctness of annual health insurance settlement prepared by a health insurance company
  • processing of employment records for pension calculation
  • consultancy and assistance at making employment contracts
  • consultancy and assistance for employers at termination of employment contracts with employees

Other provided services