Tax consultancy

Income taxes

  • preparation of tax returns for both legal and natural persons
  • checking tax returns prepared by you before submission thereof
  • proposals of measures aimed at tax base optimization
  • internal tax audit – checking the accounting records and proposals for solving problem areas

Value added tax

  • we will help you to register your company as a VAT payer
  • consultancy and assistance at observance of the VAT Act
  • review of tax documents and proposals for addressing identified deficiencies

International taxation

  • consultancy on the application of VAT at cross-border transactions (EU, third countries)
  • addressing issues related to payments abroad – withholding taxes, collateral tax
  • transfer pricing documentation
  • tax returns for persons receiving income from abroad
  • obtaining confirmation of income taxation in Slovakia for foreign persons

Other taxes

  • preparation of tax returns and consultancy on other types of taxes (motor tax, property tax, excise duties, etc.)

Other tax services:

Assistance at tax inspections:

  • help with the preparation of financial and legal documents before the start of a tax inspection
  • reviewing documents to be submitted to a tax administrator
  • dealing with problematic situations at tax inspections
  • emphasis on thorough preservation of rights of inspected entity
  • continuous communication with the tax administrator, preparation of comments to findings from the inspection
  • If you disagree with results of the tax inspection, we will prepare comments on your behalf to the report of tax inspection. If needed, we will prepare an appeal against the tax administrator’s decision based on the tax inspection
  • Note:

    Individual above-mentioned measures can only be implemented at certain stages of an inspection audit. Most of them cannot be implemented after the issue of the report of tax inspection. The presence of a qualified tax advisor during the inspection can protect you if tax administrator’s requirements for submission of evidence can not be practically fulfilled or, in some cases, even go beyond the scope of legal obligations of a taxpayer. Therefore, we recommend that you get us involved in the process of tax inspection as soon as possible, which will enable us to gain a considerably better position for defence of your interests.

Representation at tax administration:

  • as your tax administration deputy we will take over the complete communication with the tax administrator
  • we will arrange tax registrations and fulfillment of notificitation obligations within the statutory time limits
  • we will respond to requisitions of different kinds by tax administrators

Other provided services